Tuesday, September 11, 2007

JoAnns is evil.

Ok, maybe not. But even though they don't carry much in the way of awesome fabric, they do carry some good stuff. And I tend to have a weakness for them and the 40% off coupons. Ok, a big weakness for them. And they handed out fliers with a bunch of coupons on them, and I had TWO of them.

So I got a yard of each of these. I know, I have a thing for the cherry print. But on the pink its so cute! And the cats.. its black cat, on pink. How could I not turn that down?

These are both fat quarters. With the coupon, they were like 80 cents a piece. The one on the right is going to be a pot holder or two. The one on the left was just intriguing. The gold is actual metallic gold, and very pretty.

This cherry print I got a couple weeks ago, but I am going to make this purse out of it. I finally just now got all the notions and whatnot for it.. finding a magnetic snap was damn near impossible. But I got red piping and red lining, and it should be cute.

I didn't get much else at JoAnns, other than some thread.. I had to get craft thread because the boyfriend has been popping buttons off of his clothing, and regular sewing thread is not cutting it. I tell you, it's like living with a kid sometimes. With him and that cat, how did I end up living with two smelly, rough-housing, stinky boys?

I did swing by Hobby Lobby, too. They have Sugar n Cream on sale, and I wanted to see if they had the new Stripes. I know, my SnC stash goes beyond SABLE.. I think I have over 150 balls of it and 5 or 6 cones. A ton of that I got during the Amazon misprice, but I have really been coveting the Stripes. And alas, they had 8 out of 9 colors, and I picked up one of each. Im working on a dishcloth using the Lizard Ridge pattern, so having this new yarn will hopefully give me the ambition to hurry up and get it done!

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