Friday, January 9, 2009

I'm moving!

I know it's been a while since I've blogged here last - it seems like Ravelry has taken over blogging! But I have decided to make some changes and start blogging again. I am moving the blog over to wordpress, so make sure to update your blog reader and favorites! You can find me at:

Things are still getting set up over there, but it shouldn't take long. I hope to see you over there!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


School is over, finals are D-O-N-E.

Last weekend I just kind of sat on the couch, feeling that I should do *something*.. but not sure what. Then it dawned on me.. I could read ANYTHING I wanted, do anything I wanted, without feeling like I needed to do something for school. Justin and I went to the library, where I got books on cookies and bread making.

I have been knitting, too. I finished one of my Monkey Socks:

I love the Risata. But with Christmas coming up, I set the socks aside, and I started a hat for Justin. I am using the Fake Isle Hat pattern, and using Lambs Pride Worsted. The last time I tried this the edge of the hat curled horribly, and I frogged it. So this time I used a size 5US on the ribbing only, and then changed to a 6US for the hat. And I also changed to a 2x2 rib.

I started it yesterday, so I think that's decent progress. Working with the mohair in the yarn makes me itchy sometimes, but it's just a hat, and I'm not gonna be the one wearing it. :-p And it'll make it warmer for Justin.

And speaking of Justin, his birthday was last week. I asked him what type of cake he wanted, and he said "cheesecake". So I kept sending him recipes, and he kept veto-ing them. (Hey, if I put all this work into a cheesecake, I want to make sure he *really* likes it.) And then I stumbled on this Oreo Cheesecake recipe. And it was love at first sight. I made it for him, and it took 2 pounds of cream cheese and a full box of oreos. And it was gone in a weekend. I'm sorry, hips.

Ok, back to knitting.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

I just wanna knit.

Next week is finals week. It has been nuts. I got some work done on the Monkey sock, but I've been writing papers and studying for tests and all that other fun stuff. I have done a little bit of baking though, to keep my sanity.

And today my new baby arrived:

The boyfriend got me a Kitchen Aid mixer for Christmas. I am so *thrilled*. As soon as it was opened I dove into a batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies with it. It's amazing. I'm gonna have to behave myself and study and not just bake. I do want to try bread soon, though, but that would be best left to when I am not so rushed.

I can't wait till next week is over and I can kick back and just knit, guilt free, thinking I should be studying or writing something!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Good times

I know I've been gone a while, but it's been worth it, I swear. For example:

You may not recognize that woman, but she has impacted your life. That's Sarah Weddington, most known as the woman who was the winning attorney for Roe v Wade. This woman is amazing. I really don't have words. Even though she is known best for her Supreme Court case, she has also played a huge part in women and leadership - she has worked for presidents, changed laws to protect women, and helped to get women into law. She has broken ground and shaken things up. And now she travels the country trying to inspire young women to do the same thing.

And the best thing?


No joke.

She gave a talk at my university. After she did, she signed her book. I was one of the last to leave, since the Students for Choice group had a table set up with info (I'm one of the chair members). On a whim, we asked her for coffee, and she accepted! We went to Applebees (the closest place that was open) and sat around and talked. We talked about feminism, cultural differences, how my boyfriend likes driving a car with feminist bumper stickers, what happened to Jane Roe, and a bunch of other different topics. And she bought us all something to eat and drink. She is an amazing, friendly woman, and I am honored to have sat next to her at Applebees. :-D

But anyways! This is a knitting blog!

I have finished a pair of socks:

You may notice the toes look a bit different. Well, I made these socks making up a pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks. Just kinda pieced something together. And somehow, after I grafted off, I noticed that I ended up with 16 grafted off stitches on one toe, and 32 on the other. But when I put them on I can't tell a difference, so I decided not to pick the toe out and start over.

I also got some progress on the Monkey socks.

I love this pattern! And it's obvious I need a pair of sock blockers.. yes, that is a checkbook. But I needed something to stretch out the lace a bit so you can see it in the picture! I'm using the Knitpicks Risata yarn, and I love the way it works up.

Time to check the shortbread in the oven!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Picot is pretty snazzy.

I started a pair of Cookie A.'s Monkey Socks in Knitpick's Risata last night, and I decided to use a picot cast on. I used this tutorial right here. I wasn't quite sure how it worked at first, so I followed it blindly, and it worked like a charm.

A picture will be forthcoming when my battery is charged.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Forks in the Road

So this will be a post with little knitting content. But a lot of things have been going on lately, and I thought I would post them here.

So I have been attending college and studying history, but I have been specializing in women's history, and primarily in the history of violence and rape. Not a pleasant topic, by any means.. but one that can't be forgotten, either.

And I am an activist, too. I am active at our local Planned Parenthood, and I am vice-president of the on campus Students for Choice group. So I tend to speak up about things.

The university I go to offers a Masters degree in Women's Studies. And the with that, I could teach at the local community colleges - there are tons around here. And they are clamoring for more diverse courses to be taught.

I thought I would graduate in the spring and work in social work, like at Planned Parenthood or at the YWCA. While I don't have a degree in social work, I have "street experience". And I'm still gaining it. As a social worker, though, you don't make much money.

I had an appointment with a professor, though, who said that she would like to see me get my Masters - and coincidentally, she is also head of the Masters program on campus. She said with that I could also supplement what I make working full time. I won't be making much, but I'll be doing what I love. And getting a teaching position from time to time might help make the ends meet.

So it's been pretty interesting. For a while I thought I was going to be going down one road.. graduating, working, (finally getting a spinning wheel!!!), but then a door opened that might help me grow some more. It's going to take some more thought, but it might be worth it.

Friday, October 19, 2007


School has been kicking my butt, but I have managed to fit SOME knitting in.

This is the Celtic Cable Scarf (PDF). In wonderful Cascade 220. At first I was using a cable needle, but then into the second repeat I decided to see if I could remember and successfully cable without a cable needle, and it's working great.

And here's a somewhat decent picture of the Orchid Lace Scarf. I took about 30 different pictures of it, and this is the one that turned out the best so far - anything with a flash at all causes the Sea Silk colors to look garish and you can't see the lace pattern.

So I've just been working on both of these. Tonight I might pick up a pair of socks that need the heel turned, and get that done.

And Socrates got his nails done!

No, that's not nail polish, that's Soft Paws. Putting them on was really simple - I thought he would get crazy like he does when I'm cutting his nails, but he just sat in my lap and watched me. You just put some of the cat-safe glue they give you in the tip, and slide it on. Socrates has been scratching up the boxspring and the corner of the couch - and he has outsmarted everything so far. We Saran-wrapped the boxspring, and pretty soon he would go UNDER the bed to scratch. For about the first 5 minutes he walked around like something was stuck to his feet - that was pretty funny. But he got used to them pretty fast, with just some licking. But they are all still there and secure, and he can't scratch anymore!