Friday, April 6, 2007

The coolest thing since sliced bread, and my cotton yarn stash.

Lookit what I got! I found this via the Cast On Podcast Blog. You know the tool organizers called "Bucket Bosses"? It's an organizer for tools and such that you can find at Home Depot, etc. that fits around a five gallon bucket. Well, the clever thing they did is they made a version for coffee mugs! I went onto eBay and googled "mug boss" and a few days later this arrived at my parents. It's so cute, and it has so many pockets for all my little knitting gadgets I have out while I'm knitting. This thing is too clever!

And alot of us know of the Amazon Misprice that happened last Saturday. Instead of discounting the Sugar n Cream yarn 40 cents - they priced it 40 cents! This quickly went around like wildfire. I know I placed 2 orders, and alot of other people placed orders themselves. Well, when my mom came to visit today she brought the yarn with her (I live in an apartment in the inner city, so I have any deliveries delivered to their suburban house). So, in honor of getting the yarn today, I just decided to photograph my entire dishcloth yarn stash.
This is the colored yarn I bought from the Amazon Misprice. 45 balls of ombres and solids.

This was my pre-existing dishcloth stash, mainly from Hobby Lobby and JoAnn sales, and Wal-Mart.

This is the Bernat Handicrafter that Wal-Mart carried that one time. It came in 12 and 14 oz. I found it in the clearance section, freshly marked down to $2.50 a skein.
A cone of Sugar n Cream, I forget which color, but I found it on clearance for $3.50. And 3 balls of Cotton Tots for Facecloths.

And this is a beautiful thing - 120 balls of white and off white balls of Sugar n Cream yarn from the Amazon Misprice for dyeing!
I have my odds and ends in a gallon baggie, it would be kinda tough to photograph.. so just imagine a big jumble of sugar n cream odds and ends, and you got it ;-)


hakucho said...

Oh, my...that a lot of yarn. I know that "someone" will be very busy knitting ;)

happy knitting :)

rohanknitter said...

Looks like lots of dishcloths to be made there!

Tea said...

Nice yarn, nice blog, too. Thanks for sharing your stash. :-)

Toni in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains

twellve said...

i really wish i'd known about that misprice, i'm looking for inexpensive cotton yarn as we speak!