Wednesday, August 8, 2007


So today I made a small stop by JoAnn fabrics. At my parents house I had a fabric room.. here living in a small apartment in downtown Cincinnati.. not so much.

So I got fabric to make this headband:

I really like the 2 fabrics on the right. The red is pretty much something to start with, and I look good in that tone of red, and it looks good next to my brown hair. But I bought a quarter yard of each fabric, and the fabric was 30% off.. so I paid around $1 a yard, I believe.

And I can't leave batik fabric alone. Especially when it's on sale.

I want to learn how to quilt. So I am going to use these guidelines here and see where it takes me. I got a yard of each, and those are going to be the main blocks. I have attempted quilting before, but didn't attempt to learn any true technique, so my final project was pretty crappy in the end. When I finish the main piece, Ill take it to the fabric store and get something for edging.

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BalletMommy said...

I want to learn a bit about quilting too. I've said I'd like to make a quilt using leftover scraps from the clothes I've made my daughter. Perhaps that "mini" quilt idea will grow a bit bigger and be useful for this! I'll add a row for each year...