Friday, July 20, 2007

Normalcy? Normalcy.

So some normalcy is returning to life.

I got an upper GI on Wednesday, which was.. ugh. It also took 5 hours, because the barium didn't want to pass through my bowels none too fast. But, it's giving I'm finding out what I've been wanting to find out - answers. I got to see the pictures from it, and they were pretty cool.

Still not much knitting, but I am getting back into the dyeing groove of things, which is good. With a Dremel (gods, I love those things) and a 5/8 inch dowel I fixed my yarn swift by replacing the center shaft. So I have been winding cotton yarn to dye.

You might also see some recipes starting to pop up on here.. I've actually been trying my hand at cooking lately. It's been hit and miss. Tonight there was a hit and a miss.. the terakopita (greek cheese pies) was a BIG hit, but the Chicken Couscous was a hit with me but not with the boyfriend. I've done a couple other things, like lemon chicken and making my own croutons. I've also started growing my own herbs, which I love doing.. I have quite a window herb garden going. I want to try some cupcakes and muffins, too. So I've been playing around.. it's gonna be fun to see where this goes.

So I'm aiming to be a little more consistent here, because my life is getting a little more back to normal.

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goosefairy said...

Life getting back to normal is always good. Hope the tests turn out good results for you.