Friday, July 13, 2007


So my parents have 4 pomeranians, and I have always wanted to try and spin their fur. So the last time my little sister shaved them down for summer, she put all their fur in a bag, and last time she came to visit she brought it with her.

Here's a reminder: just because its OFF the dog does not mean wet dog fur does not smell like wet dog.

I just washed Peanut's.. erm.. "fleece." Peanut is my baby. He's about 11, and the oldest of the bunch. Then there is Blackie, Buddy, and Mr. Priss. (Don't ask about him, he's rather neurotic. He was supposed to be a showdog, but one testicle didn't drop. They said Hitler had one testicle. We tend to compare the two.)

So Peanut's fur is drying in the sink. I think I'm going to combine all the fur and spin one skein. And I don't plan on knitting anything out of it.. it's just going to be a momento. Because those 4 boys are quite a herd.

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