Monday, October 8, 2007

Can I just say...

That photographing Sea Silk is a bitch? And I have a dark colorway of Sea Silk for my Orchid Lace Scarf, so whenever I try to take a picture it flashes and make the colors look garish. Working with this yarn is interesting.. I like working with wool better, but gee, since I'm allergic, I don't have too much choice. This yarn has very little give, so you have to make sure to keep your stitches even. But it is working up very pretty! I plan to take it outside, or set up lighting so I don't have to use the flash.

I'm only about 2 repeats into the scarf.. knitting has been a little slow. My PMS symptoms decided to show up early, and since its the first period since my ovary removal.. it's been bad, since my estrogen is evening itself out. I've been eating Advil like it's M & M's. (If anyone is doing the math, yes, it's been over a month since the ovary removal.. but I'm on Seasonique, and I only have my cycle once every three months. :-) So I've been reading knitting blogs and going to class, and doing knitting here and there.

Today I planned to stop by Knit On!, my fav LYS, but when I stopped by the bank to cash a check, I realized it was Columbus day, and the banks were closed. So that'll be postponed until tomorrow. I want to knit the Celtic Cable Scarf (PDF) out of Cascade 220, in a nice fall color. Cascade 220 is my savior when it comes to wool.. it's a wool yarn I can make a scarf or a hat out of and actually wear without itching. I guess it's with the way it's made.. I did the "bra test" with a swatch, and it was too itchy, so I guess a sweater is out of the question. But having it for accessories is great, because it's nice and warm, and I do *a lot* of walking on campus this semester.

And since this is such a disjointed post, I'll leave you with one more thing..

My cat in a necktie.

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