Saturday, July 28, 2007

Socks! And new shiney cooking things

So I finally restarted a pair of socks that I had been long ignoring. I started the heel flap, and I finally started to write down the pattern for it. I usually make it up as I go along - it's just a 64 stitch, simple, vanilla sock. But instead of hunting down little tidbits I forget here and there, I figured I should write things down this time around. The yarn is Sockotta.. Im not sure of the color name.

And today the boyfriend and I went to a mall that had a Corelle/Revere Ware outlet. The prices in the store were great anyways.. but on top of that, everything was 40% off. So I ended up getting these goodies:

For $6.

That's a Revere Ware Measuring Cup and Spoon set, a sifter, and a tea ball. For $6. And they had so much more, but I behaved myself. :-D From what I can find online, that measuring cup set sells for between $10-$20 alone. But it was nice to get rid of the cheap plastic set and hang up the nice looking metal ones.

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