Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Things I Learned From a Pencil Bag

1. I can put in a zipper.
2. Not very well.
3. Next time I need a pencil bag, I might just buy one because of said zipper and the wrestling with it.

But now I have a pencil bag to hold the various items I need for class. I found this fat quarter on sale at JoAnns, and today I was able to pick up that dreaded zipper. But the bag is cute, and overall I am pretty happy with it. It was good practice, too.


rohanknitter said...

It's very cute!

goosefairy said...

Zippers get easier the more you do them. You might check out doing a pick-stitch zipper. I'll never do another one any other way.

String said...

that's very cute. Hope you are feeling better. See you in class tomorrow.

Corbie said...

Maybe you did this -- but it might be easier to sew the zipper in before sewing the side and bottom seams on the bag.

Cute bag!