Friday, August 31, 2007


Very good mail day!

First off, I got a TON of lace weight to dye. I have some new techniques that I want to try - this ought to be interesting. So I am either going to be posting a long line of expletives because I ruined a bunch of laceweight or post in triumph because my technique worked.

I also came home to a huge box of roving on the front porch. You can bet you the stock pots are already fired up and boiling. I have BFL, Merino, and superwash Merino. Yay!

And also, I decided to try some Knitpicks Risata. I have a tried and tested allergy to sheep/wool, but I can usually get away with wearing blends in sock yarn and scarves, etc. if the blend is under 50% wool. And Risata comes in at 39%. The main complaint I heard about this yarn was the colors - people wanted brighter colors. Noooo! I am so sick of finding cotton yarns in bright, neon colors. I am so happy to find a sock yarn in subtle, dark, colors. The yarn itself is very soft and squishy. Right now I see the only problem being the yarn might be a little splitty due to its construction - but I can't vouch for that right now, as I haven't knit with it yet. I cannot wait to cast on for a pair of Monkeys for this - I have been stuck with knitting with stuff like Sockotta, and I can't knit anything with a pattern to it! I am curious to see how this wears.

Anyways, I am going to get back to dyeing, so I will leave you with a picture of my quilt that I am working on. I laid it out perfectly, all seams like I wanted it, and someone thought it would be fun to play (note the purple mouse):

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KnittyNancy said...

That is a great mail day! Looking forward to seeing your triumphant post.
Your Ravelry friend, Nancy