Saturday, June 23, 2007

My absence

There is a reason, my gentle readers, why I have been gone for a bit.

I have had fibromyalgia for a couple of years. I am 24 years old, and I get the pleasure of getting kicked off my fathers insurance when I turn 25 (and his insurance happens to be halfway decent.)

For a while I have had an inkling that I don't have fibromyalgia. I just couldn't shake that thought. None of the medications were working, I was always in pain, and I was pretty much just in existance mode. I would medicate myself up on pain killers to get through the day, and I was barely getting through school, much less working. For 24 years old, I wasn't doing much.

So I started going to doctors. And if I felt that the doctor wasn't giving me the attention that I felt that I needed, wasn't running the right tests, or wasn't listening - I crossed him/her off the list and went to a new one. I went to different types of doctors - general physicians, internists, rheumatologists. I milked my Dad's insurance for all it was worth. I was SICK of being sick.

And wouldn't you know - after a few doctors - I found a GREAT one. And HE FOUND OUT WHAT WAS WRONG.

It was my adreanal glands. They produce to much cortisol. And for your body, that's not a good thing. So for the past few weeks/month, I have been going to doctors, getting tests done, etc. On Monday, I go to an endocrinologist, and this past Friday I had a CAT scan done. They are zeroing in on what is wrong. So it's NOT fibromyalgia, and what it is is treatable. Right now it's just a matter of zeroing in on the particulars and finding a route for treatment.

So I have neglected the blog, but it's been for a really good thing. When they diagnose you with fibromyalgia, that's not a good thing. They don't know what causes it, how to cure it, and they really don't know how to treat it. A lot of doctors dont even think it exists. So by them finding out that it was an over production of cortisol is a GREAT thing. It can be treated, and I can possibly be a healthy, working, going-to-school 24 year old. :-)

I'll be back before long, and if there are any big changes I'll be sure to update the blog. And be sure to check out the Etsy shop - I just posted a bunch of roving and spindles there last week!

I hope everyone is doing great and enjoying summer!


rohanknitter said...

Wow! That is so great!!!! I am really happy for you. 24 is wayyyyy too young to feel so crummy. And good for you that you kept going with the drs until you got some answers.

annawolfsong said...

Good for you on the persistence front. It took four YEARS for me to find out I was a Diabetic and it's *such* a simple test *facepalm* I hope you get treatment that makes you feel great!