Monday, May 28, 2007

Long overdue update!

Boy, I've been away for a while! I've been trying to get in to see an endocrinologist, but my general physician wouldn't give me a referral.. it's a long, drawn out story. The good news is that I get to see an endo on June 4th. And, possibly a new general physician here soon :-p Medical stuff is always fun to deal with.

Here's the Harry Potter scarf finally! The yarn used was Claret and Gold Red Heart. My sister told me it's been worn MANY a time, so I don't doubt it's going to see alot of use.

I have also been working on dyeing roving for the shop, so make sure to check out my Etsy store.

I haven't been knitting much because I've been practicing my drafting on the Charkha wheel and dyeing yarn and roving and dealing with the medical stuff. Hopefully soon I can get started on a new project, though.

Oh, and I was tagged mutiple times for the 7 weird facts meme. So here it is:

1. My favorite meal is the ravioli you can get at Meijer (the name brand, not the store brand.. I've tried the store brand, and I just don't like the cheese they put in it) and to heat it up, and to eat it.. plain, with no sauce.

2. I drive a $200 mini-van. I love that van, it's treated me better than any other car I have driven. Its a 1989 Plymouth Voyager, and it's covered in feminist bumper stickers.

3. Expounding on #2 a bit, I'm very politically active. I am actually president of my colleges pro-choice organization, I have a feminist blog, I do alot for sexual assualt awareness, and we are working to get a crisis center on campus.

4. I used to be country through-and-through, until I moved in with my boyfriend. Now I'm turning into a city girl, and I appreciate having everything within 15 minutes. LYS (2 miles), grocery stores (5 miles), the post office (2 blocks), friends houses, you name it. Especially when gas is over $3.50 a gallon. When I lived with my parents, the LYS was 50 minutes away.

6. Even though we rent an apartment in an older house (and it's kinda the landlords position to do it), a neighbor and I planted flowers all around the building this spring. Last year nothing was planted and it looked kinda dreary. We just put plants all around that are really hardy, and I put a ton of morning glory seeds down. It looks alot better this year.

7. I have a betta fish named Kurt Vonnegut. Socrates (the cat) keeps trying to get to Kurt, but he can't since Kurt is on a 6 ft bookcase. But I keep insisting that Socrates cannot eat Kurt Vonnegut because that would forever change history.

And I'm not going to tag anyone, since everyone I know has already been tagged :-D So if you haven't done it, do it!

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