Saturday, April 28, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

It's been quite busy the past few days. I made the crocheted Swiffer pattern, but then it was brought to my attention from more than a few knitters that they *might* appreciate a simple knitted Swiffer cover, too. Well, that night I sat down and went ahead and drafted out a simple knitted Swiffer cover pattern that is like the crocheted pattern. It is easy to churn out a couple in a night, you can easily use up SnC scraps, and you don't feel bad throwing it away when it's past it's prime.

And then this morning I decided to stop putting off the inevitable. When I first made the webpage, I had started a simple layout. I didn't think I would be putting up so much information, patterns, etc. I new the webpage needed an overhaul, but alot of times that takes alot of work, time, and hairpulling. And after getting up this morning, I decided to stop procrastinating and went ahead and did it. So make sure to stop by and take a look, because the new layout is roomier, easier to navigate, and alot easier on the eyes. In the upper right hand corner, in the banner, I plan to get a collage or such of yarns that I have dyed. That's about the only thing that's lacking so far. It took most of the day, but I'm happy it's pretty much done!

Just to make it easy, the webpage is over here.

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