Saturday, March 10, 2007

61 and Sunny..

It may be 61 and sunny, but being in Cincinnati, winter probably isn't over yet. But we have the windows open, Socrates is pestering the birds at the bird feeders, and it feels good to get some fresh air through the apartment.

I was able to get 8 skeins of yarn up on the webpage this morning, mainly yellows, browns, reds, etc. I also washed four more skeins, which are purples and blues, they should be up around Monday.

I also added a new section to the webpage.. its called Knitted Critique. Starting up this business has allowed me to experience alot of new yarns, toys, etc., so hopefully I can help inform some people by posting some information about the stuff.

So last night I picked up the mail.. talk about knitter's heaven! 15 skeins of merino fingering weight sock yarn to dye.. this stuff is so, so soft!

I also got 3 books.. Yarn to Dye For, Barbara Walkers First Treasury of Knitting Patterns, and Sensational Knitted Socks. I simply don't know how I got along knitting without the last two.. they are simply drool worthy. And for dyeing, Yarn to Dye For is *awesome*. There will definately be more detailed reviews coming up on Knitted Critique here soon. And yes, you'll start seeing hand painted sock yarn, too! :-)

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