Sunday, February 25, 2007

Why is it so hard to dye?

Sometimes finding time to dye is harder than I would like to admit.

So my signifigant other and I have been sleeping on the floor, on a mattress, for the past few months. The boxspring busted. It's not been the most comfortable thing, but with his work and my school, we really haven't been able to afford or find the time to go boxspring shopping.

Bright and early Saturday morning his mother called, saying that her friend was throwing out their rather expensive bed (and boxspring) and we are welcome to both.

Well, we had to rent a U-haul, drive over to his parents, grab the box-spring, haul it up three flights, drive back over to pick up my van, and then we went out to eat. By the time we got back, it was too late to dye.

The good news? We are now sleeping off the floor.

I did find some time to wind yarn, though. And Socrates, my cat, thought it was his duty to help...

This morning I did find some time to dye, though. I focused primarily on blues and greens, and I had some brilliant colors show through.

This is my workspace. As you can see.. we have a VERY small kitchen! What you are looking at is about half of it. You see the yarn and the dyes laid out.

And here is the some of the yarn once I started painting it.. I use foam brushes, and place the dye on the yarn where I want it to go.

That's it for now.. tomorrow I am hoping to dye some pinks and reds, and maybe some purples!

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The Knitstress said...

Just like all cats they think that we humans cannot do anything without their help. I have two and know that so well. They think that when I am blocking something I have laid it out just for them. The even don't mind that it's damp.