Sunday, February 18, 2007


Welcome to Sheep of a Different Color!

This idea came around when I started knitted a large number of dishcloths. After a while I began to tire of the same colors.. luckily I had a couple of years training as a seamstress/costumer, which included professional dyeing techniques. I pulled my old dyes out, and before long began getting compliments on my yarn. And soon Sheep of a Different Color was born.

We are in our infancy stages now. Pretty soon we will have a wide range of handpainted dishcloth cottons in brilliant colors, and you will be able to custom order colors of your choice. We also hope to carry other fibers down the road, too, so check back if dishcloths arn't your thing!

To stay in touch, please be sure to join our Yahoo group. Our yarns will available for sale over eBay and Etsy, and through email. This blog is to serve as a hub for links, free patterns I have written up, and to post my finished objects. So be sure to check back often!

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